Nation of Stahlhain

The small mountain-kingdom of Stahlhain, blessed by the alpine father, is world-renowned for intricate metalwork and engineering, a state-of-the-art voluntary army of loyal knights and their legendary blades, cut and waltzed from the rare fleur d’alcier, a naturally occurring alloy of iron and carbon.

Landlocked in a brutal choke-hold by the anarchic Northern Alliance, the spiteful Western Kingdoms and the imperious City-States, the independence of this proud nation is at risk at all time, through all ages and evermore, since tensions between mighty empires are about to explode.

With enemies breaking against the dark mountain fortresses, foreign empires lusting for the royal colonies and reinforcements scattered all over the continent, the answer is brave and loud and clear: Free shall we keep the mountain sky! Bold as the anvil! Swift as the sparrow! Glory to Stahlhain!

The Stahlritter Army

Stahlhains borders are protected by a small but professional elite army, highly acclaimed for its excellent defensive capabilities. Every Soldier is equipped with first-class battle equipment and companies are extensively modernized and improved with the newest technological developments available. Other nations pay handsomely for their services and even a small unit can turn the tide of a conflict.

The bulk of Stahlhains soldiers are the famous Stahlritter. Volunteers which are granted knightship upon completion of the rigorous training at the royal academies. This knightship grants a salary for the new Stahlritters nearest of kin – even after their death. These days hundreds of citizens are flocking to the recruitment offices in the wake of resurging patriotism.

All members of the military carry the iconic gasmask as Stahlhain is known for its use of chemical warfare. Their most feared weapon is the mysterious Alpvaters Odem or father’s breath. It is harvested from stone fields on the alpine father’s flanks and is chemically refined until mere skin exposure is causing spasticity. Inhalation causes certain death by asphyxiation.

The newest addition to Stahlhains modern arsenal is the mighty Panzer, a new kind of mobile armored vehicle. First developed in a joint effort by Stahlhain and City-State engineers, those fearsome metal beasts caused bewilderment and terror wherever they were employed. As relations between them deteriorate quickly, both factions use them extensively to further their goals. The Stahlritter tank companies are far outnumbered by City-State forces; however, every single tank is supplied with constant upgrades and excellent support throughout.

Despite all modernization, there are still some traditions that the Stahlhain military adheres to: The honor guard for the royal family still rides on giant ibex, the Daughters of the Chrome Maiden, and the famous Princess Generals.


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